Nosferatu Festival 2021 Virtual Vending Spot


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Once approved you can then check out. Any non-approved vendor payments will be cancelled and refunded.

Vending for Nosferatu Festival 2021 will take place online during a "Virtual Market" March 5-7th, 2021. Vending will go "LIVE" at 12:01am 3/5/21 and promotion of the market will end 11:59pm 3/7/21, but vendors links and photos will stay up on the website & social media until further notice. Vending cost will be $30 per Vendor/Business, no Multi-business shared spots.

-Your items must fit with at vampire theme, be "dark", or be horror related, if you're unsure if you fit this criteria feel free to submit anyway and we'll notify all vendors if they've been accepted or declined.

How our Virtual Market works:
-Each vendor will get a promo post on the Nosferatu Festival Instagram & Facebook event page
-Each vendor will have a photo & blurb (exclusive festival discount, exclusive item, info about business etc) on the Virtual Vendor Market portion of, which will link to the vendors shop.
-All vendors MUST have an online sales platform & be able to ship items for sale.
-Vendors will hashtag #nosfestmarket which will create a feed that buyers can use to find your items in addition to our site, event page, and Instagram.
-Nosferatu Festival Livestream (in addition to possible in person events) will advertise and push buyers to appropriate channels to buy.

-We are working on in person outdoor vending in Las Vegas, San Antonio, & Austin so if you'd like to be considered for that as well make sure to check that below.

PAYMENT: Once you are selected the space will be reserved based on your payment of $30 on a first come first served basis. We will only have 50 vendor spots total, and all will be curated to fit theme.

REFUND POLICY: There are no refunds or cancellations due to the low vending cost and the amount of time spent selecting and contacting vendors.

LEGAL STUFF: You will be responsible for all your state vending information and if you are required to collect taxes this will be up to you to take care of. Nosferatu Festival is not responsible for any vending licenses or state/federal taxes that you may be responsible for.

For additional info or to contribute to the event in any way please email us at: